We're pleased to announce a major upgrade to our WIFI network! Starting 3/20/2024, get ready to experience faster speeds, wider coverage, and enhanced connectivity across our facilities. Whether you're working or streaming, enjoy seamless internet access like never before.

Key Highlights:

🚀 Lightning-fast speeds for smoother browsing and downloads.

🌐 Expanded coverage to ensure connectivity in the glider & tow plane tie-downs areas.

🔒 Improved security measures for enhanced protection.

📡 It's free to SSB members.

There are two network SSIDs available:

SSB_HS 🚀 for higher speeds while you warm the SSB bench.

SSB_XR 🌐 for longer ranges and older devices. The signal reaches out to the SSB tie-down areas.

The passwords for these are printed in the shack.

Stay tuned for more details and enjoy. Prepare for other enhanced computer experiences coming your way soon!