General documents about the SSB.


Wings Activity Credit
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The FAA Wings program encourages an on-going training program that provides you an opportunity to fly on a regular basis with your authorized flight instructor. You can gain credits that can be used as a replacement for your BFR. Maybe you should consider completing one or more of the activities listed in the document as part of your SSB Spring checkout?

This document is for all SSB members, but especially new and prospective members. As we welcome new members into SSB, they need to know and follow Club guidelines. KBDU is a difficult airport for glider operations due to high traffic, limited space and fickle winds. This document is not intended to teach glider flying, but rather how to use club and airport resources. Its guidelines and procedures include SSB Club best practices, aircraft care, runways, traffic patterns, winds, sink, the Box and other features unique to KBDU.

Raptor Closures
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Spread the word and support the raptors in Boulder. This map details the seasonal closure areas