Fire or Flood ... When its time to serve our community, Boulder airport steps up.

--During the Four Mile fire, Boulder Airport was turned into an essential firefighting station.  Extremely large and heavy helicopters operated in high tempo operations going on direct lines to the fire and local lakes at low altitudes continued for days.  It is likely that hotel residents and owners would not be comfortable directly under such high tempo, very high noise profiles, and in close proximity to potentially dangerous operations.  Compromising such critical operations to  accommodate a hotel and it's guests is not likely to be a welcome solution to Boulder residents threatened by future fires.

--Likewise, during the Great Flood, the Boulder Airport was turned into a command and transportation center for rescue operations.  Like during the Four Mile fire, high intensity, large helicopter operation continued for days.  It is inevitable that hotel occupants and owners would not like being exposed to high intensity, noisy and sometimes hazardous operations.

 --When strong west winds exist, a not uncommon occurance in Boulder, aircraft of ALL TYPES departing to the west experience significant turbulence and down drafts.  A large building in the proposed location will likely increase turbulence and unpredictable wind currents. Currently it is VERY common to experience down drafts on departure which can result in low level flight in the vicinity of the proposed hotel, increasing risk to hotel occupants..not to mention the pilots and passengers in departing aircraft. An increase in low altitude flight and unpredictable flight paths over the proposed hotel must be considered.  Currently there are no structures in this area to be put at elevated by these adverse wind conditions.

--Experience across the nation shows that as high occupancy structures are built near long existing airports, the occupants complain of noise..regardless of their awareness of an airport

Existing there for years.  In many documented cases, political pressure results in closure of the airport.  It is entirely reasonable to expect the same effort in Boulder..especially considering prior efforts to close the air port.  As the community considers building high density structures close to the long existing airport, it must consider the loss of federal money that flows into the community, the essential services performed there, and the value to business both at the airport and in the community.