For 96 years, the Boulder airport has served the entire community and saved thousands of lives in the fight against wildfires, flood events, and everyday emergencies. Now, a group of vocal anti-airport activists wants to destroy it to replace it with dense urban housing developments.

This would be a terrible mistake. Closure of our airport would:

  • Put our community at risk.
  • Cost at least a hundred million dollars.
  • Require a drawn-out legal battle with the FAA with a very low chance of success. 

In the long term:

  • No new home could be built for at least 20 years.
  • Most likely, none would ever be “affordable”.

What you can do:

Please visit  
Find out why the airport is indispensable to our community and sign our short grassroots petition. It won't take you a minute.

Please help protect this irreplaceable resource!