trophy_goldThis award is given to the winner of the SSB Summer Soaring Series Contest Gold Division. 

1996-David Cambell
1997-Richard Hall
1998-John Seaborn
1999-Bob Barber
2000-Bob Barber
2001-Mark Terry
2002-Ivan Jaszlics
2003-Colin Barry
2004-Colin Barry
2005-Bob Carl
2006-Colin Barry
2007-Bob Faris
2008-Bob Faris
2010-Bob Faris
2011-Pedja Bogdanovich 5184 pts
2012-Pedja Bogdanovich 5901 pts
2013-Pedja Bogdanovich 5562 pts
2014-Pedja Bogdanovich 4570 pts
2015-Pedja Bogdanovich ???? pts
2016-Pedja Bogdanovich ???? pts
2017-Pedja Bogdanovich 5297 pts
2018-Pedja Bogdanovich 5432 pts
2019-Pedja Bogdanovich 5380 pts
2020-Bob Caldwell 4765 pts
2021-Clemens Ceipek 5196 pts