retrieve_awardThis award is given by the Soaring Society of Boulder to those valiant crewmembers who set out annually to places unknown. The perpetual trophy is a handsome vehicle on a walnut base.

2002-Cathy Barry - Air Force Academy to Boulder
2003-Bill Hoadley - Liberal Ks to Dalhart, TX
2004-Bob Carl - Boulder to Silver Heels
2005-Bill Kaewert - Boulder to Walden Pilot Al Ossorio
2006-same as 2007
2007-Jim Smith - Boulder to Wray Pilot Gunnar Blanke
2008-Colin Barry - Pueblo to Moriarty NM Pilot Phil Ecklund
2009-Brendan Barry-Laramie, WY
2011-Mathias Ossorio – Logan, UT
2012-Brenda Seaborn - Cheyenne, WO
2013-Bob Caldwell Nephi to Cedar City, UT Pilot Colin Barry
2014-John Seaborn & Peter Baur Montana
2015-???? & ????
2015-???? & ????
2017-Tom Zoellner
2018-Bob Caldwell and Scott Westfall
2019-Colin Barry
2020-Charlie Gillespie
2021- Alfonso Ossorio and Saskia Ossorio - Trinidad CO