Schleicher ASK21

The ASK 21 is a two-seater mid-wing with T-tail. This aircraft stands out particularly by its wide range of flying tasks. The ASK 21 accompanies the student pilot from instruction up to the first cross-country or competition flights.


N421EF Registration
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Registration certificate. Always consult the aircraft documentation for current certificate. 

N421EF Pickup from Bozeman, MT
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Pickup of 85F, in June 2014, from Bozeman Montana by Peter Baur, Scott Westfall, John Seaborn and Brody.

Airworthiness directives and technical notes related to the ASK21.

ASK21 Brochure
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ASK21 Impressions
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Bill Daniels gives his impressions on the ASK21.

ASK21 TSA Spirals
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From our friends at the TSA, flying the ASK21.

N421EF Original Wt and Bal in KG
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Weight and balance numbers for you European types.

N421EF Original Wt and Bal in LBs
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The human understandable numbers