N23SG Library

Various documentation and manuals related to N23SG.


N23SG Operating Limitations
 702.11 KB

N23SG FAA Experimental Operating Limitation

Excel weight and balance calculator. Always consult the pilots operating handbook before use.

Becker AR 6201 Manual
 983.38 KB

Manual for Becker Single Block VHF/AM Transceiver.

N23SG Registration
 37.26 KB

Registration certificate. Always consult the aircraft documentation for current certificate. 

Mountain High EDS O2D1 Manual
 203.95 KB

Pulse delivery oxygen system.

Trig TT21 Operating Manual
 182.55 KB

Trig mode S transponder.

LXNAV S100 Standalone Vario
 12 KB

Vario, Speed to Fly, Navigation & FLARM target display in a single instrument.

 12 KB

The PowerFLARM Core is both the heart and the brain of the FLARM system. It handles all radio communication and data processing as well as collision risk calculations. The device is mounted behind the panel together with other avionics boxes. It’s connected to a FLARM display which is mounted in the panel.

Sage Variomenter
 12 KB

Instructions and Users Manual for all Sage variometers.

Discus SG pre flight reference
 1.58 MB

Various pre flight notes for SG