DG Flugzeugbau 505


DG505 Rigging Notes
 48.06 KB

Notes, developed by SSB members, on how to rig the 505.

DG505 Tail Tank B
 78.02 KB

Diagram of the water tail tank B system.

DG500 Repair Manual
 114.71 KB

Repair manual for the DG-500. Note that SSB operates a DG-505.

DG505 Assembly Guide
 533.5 KB

The Bay Area Soaring Club put together this detailed guide on assembling a DG505.

DG505 Information Sheet
 68.67 KB

British Gliding Association data sheet for the DG505.

DG505 PDA Wiring
 52.53 KB

Connection and wiring information for PDAs/GPS.

DG505 Checklist
 528.46 KB

Various check lists for the DG505.

DG505 Preflight
 528.46 KB

Various notes related to the DG505.

N505PB Registration
 37.55 KB

Registration certificate. Always consult the aircraft documentation for current certificate. 

Excel weight and balance calculator. Always consult the pilots operating handbook before use.

DG505 Main Tail Tank
 1.4 MB

Diagram of the main water tail tank system.

DG500 Flight Manual
 1.86 MB

Flight manual for the DG-500. Note that SSB operates a DG-505.