The fourteener challenge is an award that recognizes pilots who have used their soaring skills to fly above 55 Colorado mountains, with peaks over 14,000 feet.

The competition is open to any pilot and any glider regardless of club affiliation. All flights must be completed within the competition period. No declaration is required but an IGC flight log must be published on the OLC. The organizers may verify that your glider passes within a radius .25 statute miles drawn from the official peak coordinates.


This award is given to a person who has made a substantial contribution to the furtherance of the activities of the Society and the sport of soaring in general.

Joachim Kuettner
Jim Spellman
Rod Smythe
Gary Steube

This award is given to the winner of the SSB Summer Soaring Series Contest Silver Division.

2011-Jochen Fuglsang 2616 pts
2012-Elke Fuglsang-Peterson 2740 pts
2013-Will Mathews
2014-Tom Zoellner 2945 pts
2015-???? nnnn pts
2016-???? nnnn pts
2017-Albert Tuertscher 1668 pts
2018-Clemens Ceipek 3105 pts

trophy_goldThis award is given to the winner of the SSB Summer Soaring Series Contest Gold Division. 

1996-David Cambell
1997-Richard Hall
1998-John Seaborn
1999-Bob Barber
2000-Bob Barber
2001-Mark Terry
2002-Ivan Jaszlics
2003-Colin Barry
2004-Colin Barry
2005-Bob Carl
2006-Colin Barry
2007-Bob Faris
2008-Bob Faris
2010-Bob Faris
2011-Pedja Bogdanovich 5184 pts
2012-Pedja Bogdanovich 5901 pts
2013-Pedja Bogdanovich 5562 pts
2014-Pedja Bogdanovich 4570 pts
2015-Pedja Bogdanovich ???? pts
2016-Pedja Bogdanovich ???? pts
2017-Pedja Bogdanovich 5297 pts
2018-Pedja Bogdanovich 5432 pts

This award is given to the winner of the SSB summer Soaring Series Contest Bronze Division.

2011-Shawn Eggleston
2012-Shawn Eggleston 1213 pts
2013-Roberto Frias
2014-Roberto Frias 1520 pts
2015-???? nnnn pts
2016-???? nnnn pts
2017-Mark Gibson 1126 pts
2018-Scott Vanlnwagen 1753 pts

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