The best way to find out more about the SSB is to visit the glider side (north) of the Boulder airport located on Independence Road. We usually operate every weekend and some weekday afternoons. By all means, feel free to stop by the field on any active day and introduce yourself.

You can join the SSB at the airport or by attending a SSB Monthly Meetings. When you join the club you will receive a complete new member package outlining the SSB procedures along with documentation for each sailplane in the fleet. 

If you prefer to join at the monthly meeting the SSB New Member Coordinator will be available to answer your questions about the club.

Please contact the if you have any questions.

See you at the airport!

The SSB has several types of memberships to chose from. The Regular member joins with a $500 initiation fee plus a refundable $500 deposit. Dues are $39/month. When it comes down to flying, charges range from $15 to $25 per hour depending on sailplane type and flight duration. Tow fees vary.

Along with the social advantages of belonging to a friendly club - compare our prices. 

Table of Dues and Fees

The SSB holds meetings on the SECOND Monday of each month at 7:00 PM, usually in the downstairs meeting room of the Boulder terminal. Visitors are always welcome, so please come and sit in if you are interested in getting to know us or learn more about the sport of soaring. It's a good idea to contact our New Member Coordinator to confirm the upcoming schedule. 

You will need to get together with an instructor and schedule your initial flights. If you are new to flying you will begin your primary instruction under the watchful eye of the SSB instructor of your choice. If you are a transitional power pilot or licensed glider pilot you will need to schedule check rides with the SSB instructors in order to solo club sailplane.

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