There will be an SSB Ground School session every Tuesday at 7:00PM until soaring season gets underway. We are fortunate to have so many accomplished soaring pilots who have agreed to share their specific knowledge in this Ground School series. The schedule is somewhat fluid with new topics being added or dates changed. You will receive a Zoom invite and schedule update each Sunday. The current schedule is as follows:

SSB Ground School Schedule:
Jan 12 Soaring Weather Forecasting - Bob Faris
Jan 19 SeeYou Flight Planning - Colin Barry
Jan 26 Wave Soaring - Alfonso Ossorio
Feb 2 Fourteener Challenge - Tom Zoellner
Feb 9 Glider Maintenance - Rex Mayes and John Seaborn
Feb 16 Declared Tasks/Badges - Clemens Ceipek
Beginning Tasks and SSB Mentoring - Ryan Courreges
Feb 23 Buying/Selling Gliders - Scott Westfall
Mar 2 Cross Country - Bob Caldwell
Mar 9 OLC and Speed Weekends - Bob Faris
Mar 16 Tow Plane Maintenance - Gary Steube
Mar 23 Landout Database - Open forum including all Colorado Cross-country pilots
Mar 30 FLARM. ADS-b and Collision Avoidance - Bill Kaewert
Apr 6 Launch to Soar: How to Get Up and Connect with the Good Lift on Typical Boulder Convergence Days - Clemens Ceipek
Apr 13 Electronic technology for Gliders or TBD - Allistair Moses
Apr 20 Human Factors at High Altitudes - Phil Ecklund
Apr 27 To be Announced.

There is a YouTube archive of each presentation