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Home News Hotel Proposed at West End of Runway

Hotel Proposed at West End of Runway

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As you arrive in Boulder on the Diagonal Highway you will be greeted by a 3 story Holiday Inn chain hotel. This proposed development, is not only out of character with Boulder's unique environment, its tricky location disconnects it from public transport, cycleways and walkways.HI_KBDU_small

Apart from a waffle style breakfast, it has no food service. Occupants and staff will tend to use their cars to get around, contributing to more congestion on our busy public roads.

From an aviation perspective, a 3 story building built directly in line with the westerly facing runway is a disaster in the making. Aircraft at takeoff and landing are in their most critical phase of flight. An obstruction on this route cannot add to safe operations. The Boulder airport has been a central hub in the response to recent emergencies, is it worth jeopardizing our ability to respond? 

If you love your local airport be aware and stay tuned. The SSB will be coordinating with the community and aviation stake holders in this fight. Stay tuned.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 May 2016 13:34  


The SSB Board of Directors has voted to increase tow prices by $1/1000 ft commencing December 1st 2012. This was triggered by a substantial increase in the price of 100LL since the rates were last adjusted in 2010. This will also help to keep the tow plane engine fund on track.