Welcome to the Soaring Society of Boulder's Towing page.

When you become a member of the SSB you will receive notification by email of the towplane schedule. Typically in the summer months we have two tow planes working during the best soaring period of the day.

Tow Pilots

To get on this schedule contact Simon Roberts. Please schedule with Simonas far in advance as you can manage so all SSB flyers can be aware of the tow schedule. As is tradition, weekends and selected weekdays will have scheduled tow pilots. If you would like to sign up for one of these slots contact Simon. If you can tow during the week consider signing for a time slot each week or putting a note in your tow pilot status box below.

Glider Pilots

As is tradition, weekends and selected weekdays will have scheduled tow pilots. If an SSB tow pilot is not scheduled when you would like a tow please call individual tow pilots on the tow pilot status list. Please try and schedule your tows as far in advance as possible. Note that SSB tow pilots are not employees of the club and can only tow you when they have the time and inclination. Glider pilots who schedule and then cancel MUST contact the tow pilot. If not doing multiple tows it is always a good idea to attempt to round up several glider pilots who want a tow on a particular day before contacting prospective tow pilots. If the tow pilot cancels at short notice they will pass a message to the SSB Glider Reservation line so check this is there is a problem.

TowPlane Managers

If your towplane is going to be down for maintenance or repair please contact Simon Roberts with the details so this page can be updated.

Mile High Gliging Tows (MHG)

SSB has an agreement with the comercial glider operator on the field. Use of MHG services can be done anytime they are open.

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