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Mountain Wave Seminar

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ME4BCSSB Wave Seminar a Success! - Saturday, November 18 fourteen or fifteen brave SSB members arrived at the airport and were treated to hot coffee and delicious bagels courtesy of Gary Wente. After some administrative items Al Ossorio and Mark Terry both did excellent hands on presentations covering oxygen systems, barographs, west wind considerations, the wave window, FAI badge forms and a number of other topics. Phil Ecklund very generously volunteered to take five seminar participants on a wave tour using his Cessna 210 which was a big hit with participants. Right on cue at around noon the wave was nicely formed and the gliders launched behind the clubs masterfully flown tow planes with the Pawnee flown by Mike Exner and the Super Cub flown by Dick Hogue. There were many flights into the wave as the day turned out to be perfect, allowing for departures to the east with light surface winds. As an example of the flights Rod Smythe and John Seaborn encountered a 13 knot climb and flew over the divide to near 18,000 feet on a 2.5 hour flight. The wave window was opened but no extremely high flights were made. In all it was a very enjoyable day if not a bit on the brisk side.

Special thanks to Al Ossorio and Mark Terry for passing on their expert advise and instruction. Gary Wente for the coffee and bagels, Phil Ecklund for the 210 wave familiarization, Mike Exner and Dick Hogue for the super towing. Also thanks to the participants and contributors that made this a special day for the SSB.


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The SSB Board of Directors has voted to increase tow prices by $1/1000 ft commencing December 1st 2012. This was triggered by a substantial increase in the price of 100LL since the rates were last adjusted in 2010. This will also help to keep the tow plane engine fund on track.