trophy_chiThis award has been given annually since 1972 by the board of directors to the member or members who have contributed to operation of the society or to the sport of soaring

1972-Michael L. Fontenot, Daniel L. Anderson
1973-Maurice B. Kasen
1974-Richard C. Roberts
1975-Louis B. Feierabend
1976-Thomas R. Strobridge
1977-Jean E. Stoker
1978-Clark C. Watterson
1979-Richard H. Ball
1980-Bill Prescrott, Sr.
1981-Richard N. Hall, Jr.
1982-Bill Prescott , Sr.
1984-Tom Ruwitch
1985-Carl Link
1986-Bob McDonough
1987-Sharon Dooley, Judy McDonald
1989-Phil Ecklund
1991-Bill Ray
1993-Bob Whalen, Dick Hogue
1994-Douglas Carrell
1996-Dave Campbell
1997-Mike Higgins
1998-Colin Barry
1999-W. John Seaborn
2000-Mike Exner
2001-Joachim Kuettner
2002-Michael Exner
2003-Elliot Crawford
2004-Elliot Crawford
2005-Ken Arnett
2006-Sam Streger
2007-Gary Campbell
2008-Robert Matlacki
2009-Rody Smythe
2010-Bob Caldwell
2011-Dan Bourgeois
2012-Gary Cambell
2013-Gary Campbell
2014-Gary Reuter
2015-John Seaborn