Club Information

Edcook1The Soaring Society of Boulder (SSB) was formed in 1959 as a nonprofit corporation to promote the sport of soaring in the Boulder area. It provides the basic facilities required for soaring to its members, including five sailplanes, two towplanes, auxiliary equipment, training, and mutual assistance in assembling, launching and cross-country retrieves.

New Member Coordinator

The coordinator for new members is Lyle Hatridge

You can contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Information

The Soaring Society of Boulder conducts its operations on the north side of Boulder Airport. There is no direct pedestrian access from the main boulder terminal to this side of the field.


5200 Independence Road Boulder, CO 80302



PO Box 17577 Boulder, CO 80308

New Member Coordinator

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SSB Members' Spot Display

Track members active tracking devices spots using this excellent resource provided by Pedja Bogdanovich (011).

Officers And Managers

The SSB is run by an all volunteer team who make the club happen. We could not enjoy the sport of soaring without these dedicated people.

If you would like to give back just a little to the club and the sport find a blank spot in the club structure and volunteer.

List of Club Officers